Thesis subject

Testing the Ethiopian food-based dietary guidelines

Ethiopia is striving to end undernutrition and prevent the rising burden of overnutrition and non- communicable diseases, by developing and implementing a multisectoral nutrition policy, health and agriculture transformation plan. Part of these initiatives is the development of Ethiopia’s national Food Based Dietary Guidelines. At this moment in time, the technical guidelines for Ethiopia’s FBDGs are already developed. However, the feasibility of adherence to the food-based dietary guidelines has not been evaluated yet. Therefore, the present study aims to validate cultural appropriateness, acceptability, consumer understanding and practicality of the developed guidelines and the accompanied graphics.

A qualitative design with Focus Group Discussions and Key Informant Interviews were followed in August 2020. In order to incorporate different perspectives of the involved interests, four different participant groups were included: consumers, high level nutrition experts, front-line community health extensionworkers (HEWs) and agriculture extension workers (AEWs). Collected data will be analyzed using as per Braun method and analysis will be facilitated by QSR International NVivo V.11 software.

Interested or want to know more about the project? Contact Tesfaye Hailu Bekele (, Jeanne de Vries ( or Annemarie Wagemakers ( (met in the CC).

Duration: 4-6 months
Language: English

Start Date: As soon as possible