Thesis subject

Augmented Reality for Real-Time Applications

Augmented Reality (AR) is finding its way into a wide variety of applications within the smart cities’ domain. The technology offers an effective means for visualising live data streams, overlaid onto real-world settings.

Both wireless sensor and AR technologies have become more affordable and prevalent; with a reduced barrier of entry for developers. This means AR-IoT applications are now becoming more commonplace in settings (e.g. robotics, operational attendance within manufacturing, smart agriculture and plant maintenance) where real time data analytics improves decision making.


    This project involves an investigation into the current applications of AR and the technologies being used to develop AR products. You will be required to use background research to support the development of your own prototype AR application for real-time implementation and IoT sensor integration.


        Requirements (optional)


          Augmented Reality, Real-Time, Robotics, Monitoring, Crop/Plant Management

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