Thesis subject

Culture and collective action to improve health and wellbeing for girls in Senegal

The Grandmother Project – Change through Culture aims to improve health and well-being of women and children in countries in the Global South. It uses approaches that are aligned with the collectivist nature of African cultures, as opposed to individualistic approaches championed by many Western NGOs, and builds on positive community values and roles.

For this thesis project, we are interested to explore how the Grandmother Project (GMP) approach that builds on cultural identity relates to collective empowerment, social cohesion and agency. We have a hypothesis that through GMP’s intergenerational and grandmother-inclusive approach community members’ cultural identity is reinforced. This thesis project will involve testing this hypothesis. It is up to the student to design the methodology to analyse some existing data and to collect additional data through focus group and key informant interviews with community members and GMP staff, and observations of interactive community activities (in-person, Covid-permitting). It appears that it will be safe to work in this area in southern Senegal by the fall.

Interested or want to know more? Please contact Judi Aubel (, Mieke Snijder ( and Annemarie Wagemakers ( (include in the CC).

Duration: 6 months
Language: English (speaking French is an advantage)

Start Date: Flexible

Visit the website of the Grandmother Project here.