Thesis subject

Nature-based experiential learning in higher education

Nature-based learning, or learning through exposure to nature and nature-based activities, occurs in natural settings and where elements of nature have been brought into built environments. Experiential learning, on the other hand, is an engaged learning process whereby students learning by doing, and thereby reflect on the experience. Both types are often applied in children’s education and not so much in higher (adult) education, such as universities.

We are looking for a student who wants to research the application of nature-based experiential learning in higher education. What works, in which context, and for whom? The precise topic of research is still open and we encourage you to find your own focus. We also want to encourage you to apply creative research methods.

This thesis research is a collaboration between the chair groups Rural Sociology (RSO) and Health & Society (HSO).

Interested or want to know more? Please contact Renée Stam ( or Caro-Lynn Verbaan (

Duration: 6 months
: English

Start: Beginning of 2022