Sentez Tabanl Yazlm Mimarisi Tasarm Yaklamnn Essence Çerçevesiyle Modellenmesi

Giray, Görkem; Tekinerdogan, B.; Tüzün, Eray


Software architecture design is a pivotal yet a difficult phase in software development process. It is important to manage conflicting goals of the stakeholders and derive architectural abstractions from the relevant requirements. Moreover, it is significant to produce semantically rich artifacts based on the existing solution domain knowledge. Resulting architectural artifacts guides the rest of the software development process and facilitates planning. Recently the Essence framework has been proposed to provide an abstract and general view of software engineering on which software development methods and activities can be mapped. In this work, a mapping of the synthesis-based software architecture design activities to the Essence framework is presented. By doing so, these activities are explained using an abstract and general model of software engineering. Moreover, a state-based activity tracking mechanism for synthesis-based software architecture design activities is proposed. The lessons learnt about the Essence framework and the synthesis-based architecture design approach are reported.