Modeling Software Product Line Engineering with Essence Framework

Tüzün, Eray; Giray, Görkem; Tekinerdogan, B.; Macit, Yagup


Although several software product line engineering (SPLE) methods have been described in the literature, adopting these methods in practice is often not straightforward. Thorough understanding of the methods and their artefacts is necessary to apply the methods in a proper manner, and likewise realize the expected goals of SPLE. Recently the Essence framework has been proposed to model the essential elements of a method and to support the modeling of a broad set of software development methods including plan-driven methods and agile methods. So far, the Essence framework has been applied to single system development methods and not yet for SPLE methods. To enhance the understanding of SPLE methods and support a vision for tailoring SPLE methods, we provide a mapping of an SPLE method to the Essence framework. We present experiences about modeling an SPLE method using the Essence framework within the industrial context of Havelsan.