Bachelor thesis KTI

Conducting a thesis forms an important requisite of your bachelor programme. The first step in working on a Bachelor thesis is the selection of a topic. You can either develop your own thesis topic or select an available thesis topic from the KTI group. Please note that the topic of your thesis must always be approved by your supervisor.

Selecting a topic

It is advised, to choose a topic that is close to the research being carried out by the chairgroup, in order to ensure proper supervision and guidance. As soon as you have made up your mind, contact the KTI thesis coordinator Christa van der Wulp. After discussing the possible topic(s) and the courses you have followed, she may direct you to a possible supervisor for your thesis within the KTI group.

If you need some inspiration, here are some options:

Avialable thesis topics

Field of interest by staff member

Conny Almekinders

  • Participatory technology development
  • Seed systems
  • Interdisciplinary and action research
  • Rural innovation

Laurens Klerkx

  • Agricultural innovation systems
  • Boundary work and objects
  • Open and inclusive innovation
  • Food value chains

Cees Leeuwis

  • Innovation support
  • Communication & change
  • Science-society interaction
  • Agriculture, health & resource management

    David Ludwig

    • Science and Democracy
    • Ethnobiology and Local Knowledge
    • Diversity in Science and Technology
    • Responsible Research and Innovation

    Rico Lie

    • Communication for development
    • Intercultural communication
    • Audio-visual learning
    • Tourism and development

    Harro Maat

    • Food and farming
    • Sustainable intensification
    • Skills and embodiment
    • Global health and community health

    Barbara van Mierlo

    • Learning in innovation networks
    • Sustainability transitions in agriculture and energy
    • Reflexive monitoring
    • Innovation management

    Annemarie van Paassen

    • Communication and innovation dynamics
    • Partnership for inclusive development
    • Transdisciplinary research
    • Ict and rural development

    Phil Macnaghten

    • Responsible innovation
    • Critical policy engagement
    • Sociology of environment
    • Deliberative methodology
    • Governance of science and technology

    Sietze Vellema

    • Value chains and partnerships
    • Trade and collectivity
    • Coordination and improvisation
    • Interdisciplinarity and practice