History of the Law and Governance Group

In 1981 the Chair Group of Agrarian Law was re-established at the Social Sciences Department of Wageningen University. The group consisted of two chairs, one with a 'western' focus, the other with a 'non-western' focus on law. While the former was primarily concerned with Dutch and European agrarian law issues, the latter addressed agrarian issues in developing countries from a socio-legal perspective. Nowadays the group is called the Law and Governance Group. In 2006 the Group celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Reorganization of the Law and Governance Group

As a consequence of an internal reorganization of the Law and Governance Group, former LAW-staff Han van Dijk, Michiel Köhne and Dik Roth have moved to the Sociology of Development and Change Group (SDC), where they continue their work on natural resources, socio-legal approaches to natural resources governance and management, legal complexity and the anthropology of law, and natural resources in the (semi-)arid regions of (especially) Africa.

For more information on courses, internships, and theses (BSc/MSc), see the website of the Sociology of Development and Change Group; see also the remarks and the links on this site under 'thesis and internships' and 'courses'. The reorganization has no consequences for students with a CTP (LAW) profile who want to be supervised by these new RDS members.