Thesis Projects of the Law and Governance Group

MSC-thesis project 1 - Authorisation of food claims

Research on the grounds for acceptance or rejection of food claims (nutrition and health claims). Claims play an important role as food information. However, the European Commission is very strict in the acceptance of especially health claims. Using the published decisions of the Commission, what are the relevant causes for rejection (and acceptance) of food claims? And how can food business operators be better facilitated to submit acceptable claims?

supervision: HJ Bremmers

Thesis project 2 - Private food information law

Food information is not only presented as a result of public regulation, but more and more companies are providing information on a voluntary basis (like on origin, production-method (organic) or sustainability.

Private information may be complementary to, but also competing with public food information  law.

What are the reasons for developing private food information law? What are the benefits and caveats of such information? How can public and private information law be integrated (or is it not necessary to integrate)?

supervision: HJ Bremmers