Business Management & Organization

The Business Management & Organization (BMO) group at Wageningen University & Research studies innovation and entrepreneurship in chains and networks, focusing on the agri-food industry. In a globalizing world, where firms face major challenges related to, a.o., global warming, urbanization and food security, we provide the knowledge and insights needed to internally organize and govern firms appropriately and for firms to effectively collaborate in chains and networks.


Chains and Networks is het overall research theme of the Business Management & Organization group. Under this umbrella, several subthemes have been distinguished

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Our Research

Central in our research program is the quest for understanding and managing the rapidly developing international chains and networks, with a special focus on innovation, governance and sustainability. We concentrate on the life sciences at large and the agri-food industry in particular. The life sciences aim at the improvement of the quality of life from a health and nutritional perspective. They include the food and agribusiness companies, and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

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