Courses of the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

MCB provides a broad ranges of courses on Marketing and Consumer Behaviour topics, both under our own codes, but also in close collaboration with other chair-groups.

Courses in which the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour group is the main partner start with MCB.

Visit the Study Handbook website for the complete and continuously updated information on the courses of the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour group.

Besides our own courses, we provide an important contribution to many courses. Most visibly to those listed in the table below.

Courses of other chair groups MCB contributes to
Code Name MCB lecturer(s)
MST-21306 Advanced Management and Marketing Frans Verhees
MST-24306 Management and Marketing Frans Verhees Dianne Hofenk
MST-23806 Management of Life Sciences Hans van Trijp Ellen van Kleef
MST-24806 Supply Chain Management Paul Ingenbleek
MST-30306 Technology, Innovation and Strategy Paul Ingenbleek Hans van Trijp
MAT-22306 Quantitative Research Methods and Statistics Arnout Fischer
YSS-20306 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Techniques in the Social Sciences Ivo van der Lans
YRM-60306 Quantitative Data Analysis:Multivariate Techniques Ivo van der Lans
DEC-51806 Microfinance and Marketing in Developing Countries Paul Ingenbleek
PDQ-31806 Product Properties and Consumer Wishes Ivo van der Lans
YPS-30306 Analysis and Management of Organic Production Chains Ynte van Dam, Arnout Fischer
FHM-61312 Food Safety Management Ellen van Kleef
HNE-20306 Nutrition Behaviour Ellen van Kleef
HNE-51306 Nutritional Neuroscience Ellen van Kleef