Theses Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

Your study in Wageningen culminates in a BSc and/or MSc thesis. In a thesis you combine all skills learned in your study program into a single project. The marketing and consumer behaviour group offers BSc and MSc thesis.

The goal of a BSc thesis is to solve a practical or theoretical problem in marketing and/ or consumer behaviour by doing research. The research has to meet scientific standards and thus you demonstrate your academic skills obtained during your education.

The goal of an MSc thesis is to contribute to scientific knowledge in marketing or consumer behaviour. The aim is to do research that meets scientific standards of scientific journals.

We supervise internal theses and external theses. Most MSc theses are internal, because this offers the best possibilities to make a scientific contribution. BSc theses are sometimes external, if organizations have relevant practical problems in marketing and/ or consumer behaviour that can be solved by doing research.

An internal thesis is conducted within the group. Internal theses contribute to the research program of the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour group. An internal thesis aims to contribute to publications in international scientific journals in marketing and consumer behaviour. For students interested in a research career, an internal thesis gives the best opportunity to develop academic research skills.

An external thesis is conducted outside the group. External theses contribute more remotely to the research program of the group. The application and further development of marketing and consumer behaviour knowledge prepares you to bring your academic skills into an applied environment.

Our thesis supervisors have their own areas of interest and expertise. The marketing and consumer behaviour group identifies research topics together with students that match the interests and ambitions of the student with the area of interest of a supervisor.

Below you can find the fields of expertise of our staff members

Prof. Dr Hans van Trijp is the chair of the group and has marketing and consumer behaviour as his field of expertise. His specific areas of interest are understanding sustainable consumer behaviours, information and labelling approaches, and the consumer-level effects of branding and positioning.

Prof. Dr Joost Pennings is an expert in marketing. His areas of interest are agricultural marketing, marketing institutions (auctions & exchanges), commodity futures & options, and risk management.

Dr Arnout R H Fischer is an expert in consumer behaviour. His areas of interest are consumer risk–benefit perception and attitude formation for innovative foods and foods based on new technologies. Topics that have (had) his particular interest include consumer response to nanotechnology in food, cultured meat, insects and other novel protein sources (e.g. algae, duckweed etc.).

Dr Paul Ingenbleek is a specialist in strategic marketing, especially at the interface between marketing and sustainable development of agrifood sectors in emerging and developing countries. Other interests include price strategy and marketing animal-friendly products.

Dr Betina Piqueras-Fiszman is specialised in Sensory and Consumer Science. Her areas of interest are crossmodal interactions between foods' extrinsic and intrinsic properties (multisensory perception), consumers' attention and motivation, and sensory and consumer methodologies.

Dr Ellen van Kleef is an expert on consumer behaviour. She aims to understand and predict individual’s healthy food consumption. She is particularly interested in how healthy eating is influenced by individuals’ motivation and competences, and the role of the food environment. She also studies interventions in schools, restaurants and other real-life settings.

Dr Frans Verhees is an expert on marketing management. His areas of interest are marketing and innovation in medium, small and micro firms. He is particularly interested in contemporary marketing issues of farmers, horticultural growers, and food- and agribusiness firms.

Dr Erica van Herpen is an expert in consumer behaviour. Her areas of
interest are retail settings and in-home food management. She is particularly
interested in consumers’ management of food at home and resulting food waste,
as well as the effects of in-store context on food choices. Regarding the
latter, Erica is setting up a line of research related to consumer responses to
supply fluctuations (e.g., products that are out-of-stock or in limited supply,
but also high seasonal supply). Interested? Possible thesis topics are described
in this file: Potential thesis topics

Dr Ynte van Dam is specialised in Sustainable Consumption and Marketing. His areas of interest are consumer theory and marketing theory. He is particularly interested in the conflicts between long term goals and short term choices in consumers and throughout marketing systems.

Dr Ilona E. de Hooge is an expert on marketing and consumer behavior. She is specifically interested in emotional and subjective influences on marketing (supply chain) and consumer behavior. She thereby studies different fields, such as interpersonal decision making, food waste, online retailing, and gift-giving. Interested in hearing more? You can find descriptions of some of Ilona’s
specific research projects here: Thesis Topics.

Dr Ivo van der Lans is an expert in consumer behaviour and quantitative research methods. His areas of interest are individual choice processes and the pros and cons of different quantitative research methods for studying substantive issues in consumer behaviour and marketing.

Dr Ellen J. Van Loo is specialized in Marketing and Consumer Behavior in the Digital Food Landscape. She is specifically interested in digital support systems for healthy and sustainable consumer food choices, online grocery shopping and meal ordering, digital food marketing and personalization, food labeling, healthy and sustainable food consumption.