Consumer research room

The Marketing and Consumer Behaviour group is coordinating the Consumer Research Room facility in the basement of the Leeuwenborch. building. The Consumer Research Room is one of our main research platforms.

The consumer research room is a flexible all purpose consumer research facility. Since 2009 our group has conducted a lot of research using the possibilities this facility provides.

A participant wearing camera glasses in a study of consumer wine choice in the COR
A participant wearing camera glasses in a study of consumer wine choice in the COR

If you want to conduct an experiment in the research room; please1) Read the instructions first (download).

2) Fill out the study description form (download) and send complete form to

If you have questions, you can contact the coordinator (

Examples of previous research

Previous research includes studies in which students of Wageningen University examined choice options behind a computer screen and answered questions. Examples of publications based on such studies are:

Van Herpen, Erica, and Rik Pieters, 2007, "Anticipated identification costs: Improving assortment evaluation by diagnostic attributes", International Journal of Research in Marketing, 24 (1), 77-88. 

Van Herpen, Erica, Rik Pieters, and Marcel Zeelenberg, 2009, "When demand accelerates demand: Trailing the bandwagon", Journal of Consumer Psychology, 29, 302-312.

Present studies in the Consumer Research Room also use eye-tracking equipment, to follow people's eye movements. The room can also be used for food studies and focus group interviews. The pictures below illustrate the possibilities of the Consumer Research Room.