Courses of the Operations Research and Logistics Group

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Overview of ORL-courses
Code Name of the course Contact person
ORL-20306 Decision science 1 Frits Claassen
ORL-33306 Decision Science for Technology Frits Claassen
ORL-30306 Decision Science 2 Joke van Lemmen
YSS-32806 Advanced Supply Chain Management Karin Pauls
ORL-31806 Food Logistics Management Behzad Behdani
ORL-30806 Operations Research and Logistics René Haijema
ORL-32806 Sustainability Analysis Ellen Slegers
ORL-32306 Biobased Logistics Argyris Kanellopoulos
ORL-33806 Data Driven Supply Chain Management René Haijema
BCT-23806 Principles of Biobased Economy Dmytro Krushynskyi
BMO-24806 Supply Chain Management Behzad Behdani
FPE-10808 Food Production Chains Frits Claassen
FPE-31806 Sustainability in Food Chains Renzo Akkerman
FQD-20804 Quality Systems Operations Renzo Akkerman
PPS-30306 Quantitative Analysis of Land Use Systems (QUALUS) Argyris Kanellopoulos