PhD student Joost Goedhart makes the finale for Best Student Paper Award

Published on
August 24, 2020

At the International Society of Inventory Research one of our PhD students, Joost Goedhart, is in the finale for Best Student Paper Award. In an online webinar the contestants have to present their work to the committee members who will decide the winner.  

Joost will present his work about how ‘brick-and-mortar’ stores can adopt an online shopping channel, leveraging their store assets for the fulfilment of the online demand. Using the store ensures the existence of physical stores in the city while consumers might shift to the online shopping channel, as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using stores for the fulfilment of online demand has several advantages, however negative side-effects are to be expected. To mitigate these negative side-effects we investigate the effect of rationing the inventory across the different shopping channels. Practically, rationing inventory consists of reserving inventory in the backroom for the fulfilment of online demand.  

In the webinar Joost will present his research and findings. 

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