Student colloquium June 22

Organised by Operations Research and Logistics Group

Tue 22 June 2021 12:00 to 14:00

12:00 | Mila Verhaag | Bachelor thesis final presentation 
‘Benchmarking the sustainability of roses: a comparative study between roses from Kenya and the Netherlands’ 
Supervisor: dr. Ellen Slegers 

12:20 | Marleen Sibma | Master thesis final presentation 
‘Creation of an ex-ante LCA framework’ 
Supervisors: dr. Ellen Slegers, dr. Renzo Akkerman 

12:40 | Ruben Schluter | Master thesis final presentation 
‘Optimising transportation planning Normec Foodcare’ 
Supervisor: dr. Dmytro Krushynskyi 

13:00 | Krijn Slangen | Master thesis final presentation 
‘Optimizing the location of parcel lockers within the concept of ship-from-store logistics’ 
Supervisors: Joost Goedhart, dr. Renzo Akkerman 

13:20 | Maike van Rooijen | Master thesis final presentation 
‘Assessing the impact of the fortification of food on micronutrient intakes in Nigeria’ 
Supervisor: dr. Joke van Lemmen 

13:40 | Dorus Velema | Bachelor thesis final presentation 
‘The optimal source and supply chain design for a green biorefinery in the Netherlands.’ 
Supervisor: dr. Ellen Slegers