PhD defence: Managing reefer logistics in cold chains

Published on
June 28, 2021

On Friday the second of July, Operations Research and Logistics student Yun Fan will defend her PhD thesis ‘Managing reefer logistics in cold chains. Decision support in a multi-actor setting.’ Her life-long interest in logistics brought Yun Fan to Wageningen. In her country of origin, China, she obtained her bachelor at the Tong Ji University in Shanghai. The subject of her bachelor thesis was ‘Logistics Engineering.’ In 2011 she started her master study at Delft University of Technology. After a post master programme at the Eindhoven University of Technology she came to Wageningen for her PhD research.

Yun Fan feels that transportation is important for quality of life. “The ability to transport goods makes it possible to deliver the goods to people that they need. In my PhD research at Wageningen I focused on refrigerated containers, which are used to ship food products.” During her PhD research, Yun Fan began working for a Chinese transport company, Yun Express, as a transportation specialist. After finishing her PhD research, she will focus on gaining work experience in the field of logistics and transport.

If you would like to learn more about Yun Fan’s PhD defence, please continue to the official announcement (clickable link).