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Jeroen Warner (ed.) - Multi-Stakeholder Platforms for Integrated Water Management.  Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2007. Price € 77

D.J.M. Hilhorst. Saving lives or saving societies? Realities of relief and reconstruction. Inaugural lecture, 26 April 2007. Wageningen University. Free of charge  

G. Frerks, B. Klein Goldewijk (ed). Human Security and International Insecurity. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers, 2007. Price € 25  

B.Schennink, G. van der Haar (ed). Working on peace-building and conflict prevention; Experiences and dilemmas of Dutch NGOs. Amsterdam: Dutch University Press, 2006. Price € 25  

G. Bankoff, G. Frerks and D. Hilhorst. Mapping Vulnerability: Disaster, Development and People. London: Earthscan, 2004. Price € 18  

D. Hilhorst. The Real World of NGOs; Discourses, Diversity and Development. London: Zedbooks, 2003. Price € 20  

A. Heijmans, L.P. Victoria.Citizenry-based & Development-oriented Disaster Response; Experiences and Practices in Disaster Management of the Citizens' Disaster Response Network in the Philippines. Quezon CIty: Center for Disaster Preparedness. Price € 12  

D. Hilhorst and B. Jansen. Fieldwork in Hazardous Areas. Disaster Studies, Wageningen University, 2005. Price € 5

H. van Dijkhorst and S. Vonhof. Gender and humanitarian aid; a literature review of policy and practice. Disaster Studies, Wageningen University, 2005. In cooperation with Cordaid, The Hague. Price € 5

Disaster Sites

Disaster Sites is a series of academic documents, student papers, seminar reports, and discussion briefs by practitioners regarding debates and dilemmas of natural disasters, conflict, humanitarian aid and reconstruction. They are published by Disaster Studies.

Copies can be downloaded or they can be ordered for € 5 from lucie.vanzaalen@wur.nl