BSc Thesis Reports

Since 2008 ...

(Listed chronologically - from latest backwards)

2015, July Mastrigt, Rivka van Comprehending refugees' space negotiations. An analysis from a spatial perspective J.P. Jongerden, dr. B.J. Jansen (WU-SDC)
2015, July Vries, Douwe de Relation between sectarian identity and violent conflict J.P. Jongerden
2015, July Reve, Yan Dan van het Verklaringen voor de ervaren gezondheid van niet-westerse allochtonen in Nederland B.B. Bock
2015, July Kuipers, Loïs Degendering in sports, in particular in combatsport B.B. Bock
2015, June Compagner, Mathilde Democratic Food Citizenship with Civil Food Networks dr. J.A.B. Duncan
2015, April Serra, Alberto European farmers and agricultural practices. Critical Discourse Analysis of the Common Agricultural Policy on the ‘Payment for agricultural practices beneficial for the environment and the climate’ dr. J.A.B. Duncan
2014, December Tesselaar, Nienke Zelforganisatie in moderne protestmenigten [Self organisation in modern protest movements] J.P. Jongerden
2014, August Schuurmans, Anne Food cultures, eating insects and the future D. Roep
2014, August Smit, Wiebe Biotechnology in development: A case study from Burkino Faso. Bt cotton in Burkina Faso’s agriculture prof.dr. G.T.P. Ruivenkamp
2014, July Bünger, Stella Urban agriculture as creative city politics in the city of Rotterdam. Merging neoliberal and radical agendas A. Cretella MSc
2014, July Hamont, Anne van Consequenties van niet-biomedische verklaringsmodellen over ziekte en gezondheid op de relatie tussen patiënten en medische professionals J.P. Jongerden
2014, July Simon, Larissa The impact of urban gardeners on the diet of their social environment. An exploratory research E.J. Veen MSc
2014, June Hain, Andrea The potential of agroforestry for rural development in the European Union D. Roep
2014, June Kolkman, Inez How seeds became “big-business” and a cause for suicide at the same time D. Roep
2013, December Willems, Marije Preventing corporate greenwashing. Towards a global standard D. Roep
2013, October Haas, Linette de A review of the notions of place branding and place identity in literature L.G. Horlings
2013, July Straaten, Imke Framing the Arab Spring. Analysing the Muslim Brotherhood, April 6th Movement and Kefaya on mobilisation strategies and age differentiation J.P. Jongerden
2012, July Zwart, Tjitske Anna [Building Sustainable Food Systems] Urban Food Strategies in Amsterdam and Utrecht A. Cretella MSc
2012, February Aalbregt-van Dijk, Michelle A change of attitude. An application and assessment of Robert Chambers’ thought; the case of illegal immigrants in the Netherlands ir. J. Schakel
2010, August Lammers, Mariska Women in West-Africa migrating to gold mining camps: empowering or not? B.B. Bock
2010, July Cornielje, Marije Een dictatuur van het gelijkheidsdenken? Een literatuurstudie en kwalitatief onderzoek naar de positie van de SGP in de Nederlandse democratische rechtsstaat P.H.M. Derkzen
2010, ... Posthumus, Fleur Micro credit projects in Tunisia. Constraining influences on female participants B.B. Bock
2009, August Kruk, Marije van der Towards Places of Opportunity? A literature study into rural-urban migration among young people in Tanzania B.B. Bock
2009, July Krukkert, Annique Culturele opvattingen over de rolverdeling man/vrouw rond de opvoeding van kinderen dr. D. Weenink, dr. K. Verkooijen (WU-SCH)
2008, May Otters, John Een overzicht van Community Supported Agriculture in Nederland ir. H. Renting
2008, February Plantinga, Simone From Texel Lamb to Local Specialty. Valorising regional identity D. Roep