Internship with RSO

An academic internship is a chance to put your academic knowlegde into practice in an organization or company. There are a wide variety of possibilities to do an internship with RSO the Rural Sociology Group if you study MID, MCS, MLP, MFT, or MOA


Most of the students find internships themselves by looking online. In some occasions, we receive internship possibilities ourselves. These possibilities will always be communicated via our Facebook page or via other social media channels and the study advisors. As soon as a students arranges an internship, they need to plan a meeting with the education coordinator Jessica de Koning. She will direct you to a supervisor.

Please read the course guide for internships before starting the internships
Jessica de Koning

Finding internship

Have a look at the usefull links (right) to see if there are interesting internships availabe. Check our Facebook and the Facebook group of the MID for internship possibilities.Have a look at our list of completed internships to get some inspiration of what possible internships are.


Each master programme has different requirements for an internship. Please check with your study advisor or the Study Handbook beforehand what these are. More information can be found in the course guide for internship (right).

Risk assessment

A large part of MSc thesis research takes place abroad. Before deciding on topic and country, students should check the security situation and the risk involved in doing a Master thesis research in a particular country. Students are required to fill in the risk assessment (right) if the country in which they do their iternship has a higher risk indication.

Usefull documents

The internship course guide (right) has all the details on the internship and the internship reports. To download contracts, rubrics, assessment forms and more, please go to the OWI reference site.