MSc Thesis with RSO

The MSc thesis is an important part of your master programme. Students from MID, MCS, MLP, MFT, or MOA, can do their MSc thesis with RSO if they meet the requirements. Students from other master programmes can do a thesis with RSO but only in collaboration with other chairgroups.

As soon as students have a more or less fixed idea of what they want to do for their master research, they need to plan a meeting with the education coordinator Jessica de Koning. She will direct you to a possible supervisor for your thesis.

Please read the Protocol and SADE Guidelines before starting the Master thesis
Jessica de Koning

Thesis topics

Have a look at our overview of thesis topics per supervisor. This overview gives information on the field of expertise of all RSO supervisors. Students can use this overview get inspiration on their topic or to see which supervisors fit best their research.

More inspiration on thesis topics


There are different requirements for each Master programme to do a thesis with RSO. Check with your study advisor first to make sure you are eligible for a master thesis with RSO. For an overview of the course requirements, have a look at the SADE Guidelines for Master thesis (See Documents on your right). For the course guide, rubric, contracts and so on, check the OWI reference site (See link on your right)

Risk assessment

A large part of MSc thesis research takes place abroad. Before deciding on topic and country, students should check the security situation and the risk involved in doing a Master thesis research in a particular country.