RSO Courses 2020/2021

The RSO group provides compulsory and optional courses to the Bachelors and Masters curricula of International Development Studies. These courses may also be an interesting option to students from other curricula.

The table below presents a list of all courses that are (co-)provided by the RSO group. For more information on the contents and the schedule, we refer to the Study Handbook and the scheduling site, or simply follow the course links below.
2020/2021 courses provided or co-provided by RSO
Period Course code Title course RSO contact
1 RSO-12306 Biosystems Engineering and Society Henk Oostindie
1 RSO-58306 Advanced Social Theory Kees Jansen
1 SDC-30306 Sociological and Anthropological Perspectives on Development Jessica de Koning
2 RSO-10306 Sociology Bettina Bock
2 RSO-13805 Sociology of Health Jessica de Koning
2 RSO-22306 Food Culture and Customs Oona Morrow
2 RSO-34306 Theorizing Development: Implications for Research Joost Jongerden
2 RSO-34806 Social Transformations towards Sustainable Food Systems Dirk Roep & Mark Vicol
2 HSO-31806 Advances in health and society Bettina Bock
3 RSO-33306 Food Health and Society: an integrated socio-political perspective Jessica Duncan
3 SDC-32806 Sociology in development: towards a critical perspective Joost Jongerden
4 ENP-31806 Globalization and Sustainability of Food Production and Consumption Lucie Sovova & Kees Jansen
5 RSO-21306 Political Sociology for Development Jessica Duncan
5 RSO-21806 Origin Food: People, Place and Products Mark Vicol
5 RSO-30806 Sociology of Farming and Rural Life Kees Jansen
5 RSO-31806 Sociology of Food and Place Han Wiskerke & Oona Morrow
5 FSE-32306 Methodologies for Reading Sustainable Foodscapes Han Wiskerke
5 SDC-30306 Sociological and Anthropological Perspectives on Development Jessica de Koning
6 RSO-12806 Eating, Customs and Health Lucie Sovova
6 RSO-20806 Agricultural and Rural Development: Sociological Perspectives Dirk Roep & Mark Vicol
6 SDC-22306 Field research practical Lucie Sovova