Internship with RSO

An academic internship is a chance to put your academic knowlegde into practice in an organization or company. There are a wide variety of possibilities to do an internship with RSO.

Internship at RSO

RSO supervision for your internship depends on your master programme and on the topic of your internship. You are eligible for RSO supervision for your internship if 1) RSO has a role in your master programme and 2) the topic of your internship has a clear link with the research interests of RSO.

Finding an internship

Students should think on their own about interesting internship organisations. Additionally, we have 2 sources of information:

  1. SPS Brightspace page that includes an internship database, and possible internship vacancies.See below for more information.
  2. RSO publishes internship vacancies on social media channels (Instagram and Facebook) and on their webblog.

Brightspace Space Place and Society

Internships at RSO are organised within the cluster of Space Place and Society (SPS). SPS has an information hub on Brightspace called Space Place and Society: Thesis and Internship. This Brightspace offers general information, supervision profiles, thesis vacancies and more. Enroll yourself at this Brightspace page by clicking this link or alternatively use the Discover tool and search for Space Place and Society.

SPS BS-1.png


As soon as students have found an internship, they need to plan a meeting with the education coordinator to get their internship plan approved. Plan an intake by sending an email to

Without an approval you are not registered as an internship student and cannot do the internship. Allow for 2 weeks to arrange the internship supervision and contract.

If you are planning to go abroad for your internship, please consult the Travel Policy for Students for the latest updates on the WUR travel policy and procedures. Take into account that it may take a while to complete the procedure to request permission to travel.


For questions and information about the internship, contact the Education Coordination at