Master thesis with RSO

All MSc programs at Wageningen University include thesis research. Students from different programmes can write their Master thesis with the chair group Rural Sociology (RSO). Below you will find more information on how to proceed if you want to do a thesis project at RSO.

Thesis at RSO

Different master programmes and specializations give access to RSO thesis supervision. Students should check with their study advisor if they meet the requirements for an RSO thesis. Take a look at this document for the pathways.

Additionally, students should also be aware that we strongly encourage a good knowledge of qualitative, ethnograpic methods. The methodological requirements are not always part of the master programmes but it would facilitatie the thesis research a lot.

Thesis topic

Students should think on their own about a thesis topic that fits the research profile and interests of RSO. We have 3 sources of information:

  1. RSO has a Brightspace page that includes all different thesis topics, thesis vacancies and supervision profiles. See below for more information.
  2. RSO publishes thesis vacancies on social media channels (Instagram and Facebook) and on its webblog.
  3. Students can get inspired by checking the list of completed RSO MSc theses at the WUR Library.

Brightspace Space Place and Society

Thesis at RSO are organised within the cluster of Space Place and Society (SPS). SPS has an information hub on Brightspace called Space Place and Society: Thesis and Internship. This Brightspace offers general information, supervision profiles, thesis vacancies and more. Enroll yourself at this Brightspace page by clicking this link or alternatively use the Discover tool and search for Space Place and Society.

SPS BS-1.png


As soon as students have a more or less fixed idea of what they want to do for their master research, they need to plan a meeting with the education coordinator. You can plan an intake by sending an email to

Thesis Ring

Writing a thesis can be a challenging experience. To support students to get the most out of their thesis project, SPS has set up thematic thesis rings. Through these Thesis Rings, students with similar research topics can meet and discuss their planning, progress and fieldwork experiences and provide each other with feedback on their writing.

The aims of the thesis rings are:

  1. To receive and provide feedback on your thesis by your peers
  2. To receive and provide social support during the thesis project.

For more information, enroll in the discoverable Brightspace page SPS Thesis Ring. You can register for a SPS thesis ring using this form.