PhD's in progress (listed alphabetically):
Bantwal Rao, Mithun Technology, power and resistance: Philosophical reflections on the open source paradigm prof.dr. G.T.P. Ruivenkamp, prof.dr. H.G.J. Gremmen (WU-PHI) J.P. Jongerden 2016
Berget Moreno, C. G.M. Verschoor (WU-SCD)
Bossenbroek, Lisa Land, labour and agrarian change in the Sais plain, Morocco J.D. van der Ploeg, M.Z. Zwarteveen (WU-WRM) 2016
Chenier Golcher, Jacqueline J.S.C. Wiskerke
Chikulo, Shiela Emerging market discourses in a changing agrarian economy: The case of fresh vegetable markets in Zimbabwe J.S.C. Wiskerke dr. P.G.M. Hebinck (WU-SDC) 2017
Constance, Cheron Putting value(s) in place: Co-operative food retailers' support of local food economies in New Mexico and Engeland J.S.C. Wiskerke dr. L.G. Horlings, dr. L. Shaw (Co-operative College, UK) 2016
Del Callego, Ivan Gonzalez Irrigation practices in Bolivia J.D. van der Ploeg R.A. Boelens (IWE) 2016
Draper, Malcolm dr. P.G.M. Hebinck (WU-SDC)
Dvortsin, Leo The role of new food enterprises in reshaping food supply chains J.S.C. Wiskerke dr. J.W. van der Schans (WUR-LEI), prof. G. Brunori (Pisa University) 2016
Geerts, Robert-Jan Philosophical explorations on energy transition prof.dr. H.G.J. Gremmen (WU-PHI), prof.dr. G.T.P. Ruivenkamp dr. J.G.M. Jacobs (WU-PHI) 2016
Graaf, P.A. de J.S.C. Wiskerke
Gromasheva, Olga Consumers as drivers of innovation in new food networks J.S.C. Wiskerke prof.dr. T. Tisenkopfs (Latvia University), prof. G. Brunori (Pisa University) 2016
Haleegoah, Joyce Transformation of food production in Ghana: Analysis of local food networks prof.dr. G.T.P. Ruivenkamp, J.S.C. Wiskerke J. Jongerden 2016
Knapp, Michael The networked politics of place: Council democracy and autonomy in Rojava prof.dr. G.T.P. Ruivenkamp, J.S.C. Wiskerke J. Jongerden 2017
Leonardi Bassinello, Thais Robustness and sustainability of school feeding programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa: A comparative case study of Uganda and Ghana J.S.C. Wiskerke dr. J. Kiguli (Makerere University School of Public Health, Uganda), dr. R. Sonnino (Cardiff University, UK) 2016
Loon, Jan van Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse aardappelveredeling J.S.C. Wiskerke, E.T. Lammerts van Bueren (WU-PBR) mr.dr. P.J. van Cruyningen (WU-RHI) 2018
Lozano Torres, Camilo Food security and public procurement: Reforming school meals through state action in Brazil J.S.C. Wiskerke prof.dr. S. Schneider (Federal University Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), dr. R. Sonnino (Cardiff University, UK) 2016
Maciel, Carolina Animal well-being and global food markets A.P.J. Mol (WU-ENP), B.M.J. van der Meulen (WU-LAW) B.B. Bock, P.J.M. Oosterveer (WU-ENP) 2016
Morrison, Sunny Food poverty and institutional responses: An analysis of food assistance in Cardiff (Wales) and Riga (Latvia) J.S.C. Wiskerke prof.dr. T. Tisenkopfs (Latvia University), prof. G. Brunori (Pisa University, Italy) 2016
Ndiame, Fadel Contested paradigms of modernity in the Casamance region, Senegal: An enquiry into the ongoing struggles for autonomy and progress by the Casamance peasantry J.D. van der Ploeg dr. P.G.M. Hebinck (WU-SDC) 2016
Renting, Henk The dynamics of multifunctional agriculture and alternative agro-food networks in Europe J.D. van der Ploeg, J.S.C. Wiskerke 2016
Reyna Contreras, M. J.S.C. Wiskerke
Smit, Meino Energy efficiency in modern agriculture J.D. van der Ploeg ...
Trenouth, Lani Food insecurity and public action for municipal and rural resilience J.S.C. Wiskerke B.B. Bock, prof.dr. T. Tisenkopfs (Latvia University) 2016
Vasconcellos Fernandez, Nicolas Food sovereignty in Ecuador: The role of the peasant farmer J.S.C. Wiskerke dr. A.M.G. Arce (WU-SDC) 2018
Villarreal Herrera, Georgina Greening the conventional food supply chain: Implementation of the food industry’s sustainability criteria in primary production J.S.C. Wiskerke dr. J.W. van der Schans (WUR-LEI), dr. D. Barling (City University London) 2016
Wegerif, Marc Food and the city: A qualitative analysis of food provisioning in Dar es Salaam J.S.C. Wiskerke dr. P.G.M. Hebinck (WU-SDC), dr. R. Mhamba (University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) 2017
Wondemagegn, Woldetsadik J.P. Jongerden
Yu, Tian J.D. van der Ploeg
Zenteno Lawrence, Cecilia dr. A.M.G. Arce (WU-SDC)