Rural and Environmental History Group

Thesis Rural and Environmental History

When you choose the specialization Politics and Governance of Development within the MSc International Development Studies (MID) you can write your thesis under supervision of staff from Rural and Environmental History.

In this MSc-track we are involved in the courses Theories on Politics and Governance, Policy Making and Accountability in International Arenas for Development and Politics of Development: State, Property and Resistance.

Possible themes for your thesis

Globalization and inequality
Growing gap between rich and poor; background of the SDGs; Unfair trade

  • Human rights in history
Women’s rights movement; Child labour; Slavery, past and present
  • Colonial politics, past and present
Colonial exploitation; State failure; Independence movements; History of development aid
  • The development of International Organizations
    History of the United Nations; World Bank; FAO; ILO; IMF
  • Governing transitions from rural to urban societies
    The Green Revolution; Rural-urban migrations compared
  • The politics of the European Union
EU and refugee policies; The (un)making of the EU; European agricultural policies

We offer expertise in analysing present-day problems in a long-term perspective, comparing processes and events over time and space. Both quantitative and qualitative methods can be applied. See for our research projects.

Thesis supervisors

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