MSc thesis ring

The CPT section (COM, PHI and KTI) organises thesis rings for master students. A thesis ring consists of a small group of students getting together once a week during their thesis period. Students share their written work (both proposals and thesis reports) and discuss the quality of the work.

The aims of the thesis ring are to reflect on your own work and work of peer students, to learn more about research projects of fellow students at CPT, and equally important to be part of a social support group.

How does it work?

You can participate in a thesis ring on voluntary basis (not obligatory), but you need to be committed from the start to participate actively and join the weekly meetings. When you are committed to participate, you can send an email to Joanne Leerlooijer (, CPT education coordinator.

We use a supportive online platform on Brightspace (Thesis @ CPT, please enrol yourself) for the planning of submissions, sharing of documents, exchange of good practice examples, instructions and other supporting information.


The thesis ring only works when students are committed, and when there is a critical mass of students to provide feedback and contribute to discussions. We know from experience that joining the thesis ring helps students improving their writing skills, and that students value the ring both in receiving feedback, as well as having a social support group while working on an individual project.

Students that do their fieldwork abroad can join a thesis ring, and only participate during the proposal development and writing phase in Wageningen. We make sure that there is no ‘free riding’. That is, only students that regularly join meetings and invest in the quality of the reports of their fellow students can submit and receive feedback on their own report.