The Urban Economics group participates in a number of study programmes and specialisations at Wageningen University & Research at the undergraduate (BSc) graduate (MSc) and PhD level.


Below you find the courses of the Urban Economics group. If you click on a course, a window will open with the information from the Study Handbook.

Theses subjects

Students from Wageningen University & Research can write their Bachelor or Master thesis with the Urban Economics (UEC) chair group. Below you will find a list of UEC members with their topics of expertise. If you see a topic that you find interesting you can contact the individual staff members to make an appointment.

Eveline van Leeuwen

  • Healthy cities: are cities or its citizens less healthy?
  • Green cities: importance of green for quality of live, tourism, happiness
  • Inclusive cities: inequality, social networks and local engagement
  • Prosumers: consumers as producers of e.g. energy
  • Urban-rural interactions: how cities benefit from their hinterland and vice-versa
  • ABM, choice experiments, (spatial) multi-criteria analysis.
  • Spatial determinants of voting behaviour

Michiel Handgraaf


Johan van Ophem


  • Food consumption value across socio-economic groups
  • Consumer and sustainability
  • Consumer and consumer cooperatives
  • Consumer and leisure


  • Decline in income and wealth and decline of expectations
  • Financial fragility
  • Fate of the middle class
  • Human capital issues
  • Life cycle issues

Happiness and health

  • Happiness, health and households across societies
  • SES-groups and happiness and health issues
  • Healthy life styles
  • Financial stress and health
  • Consumer and the promotion of health-enhancing physical activities

Pierre van Mouche

  • Speltheorie
  • Giffen verschijnselen
  • De rol van status
  • Coalitieformatie
  • Milieu
  • Locatieproblemen
  • Bezittingseffect
  • Block chain en bitcoins

Janette van Beek

  • A healthy future: Effects of time orientation on eating and exercising behavior
  • Choosing now for later: How temporal distance influences food choice
  • How the ‘future = abstract association’ affects current decision-making
  • Aiming for behavior change: A construal level theory approach
  • Promoting fruit consumption or preventing snack consumption? Effects of regulatory focus on health behavior
  • Fun or useful? Choosing between hedonic and utilitarian products

For more information on thesis topics and supervision please contact Johan van Ophem.