Bachelor thesis with SDC


As soon as students have an idea of what they want to do, they can plan a meeting with the education coordinator Jessica de Koning. She will direct you to a possible supervisor for your thesis.

Please read the studiewijzer and the SADE Guidelines for doing a bachelor thesis
Jessica de Koning

Thesis topics

Have a look at our overview of thesis topics per supervisor. This overview gives information on the field of expertise of all SDC supervisors. Students can use this overview to determine their topic or to see which supervisors fit best their research.


There are different requirements for each bachelor programme to do a thesis with RSO. Please check with your study advisor first to make sure you are eligible for a thesis with RSO.

Contracts, assessment and other documents

At the beginning of the thesis, each students fills in a BSc thesis contract. Check out the OWI reference site for the latest versions of BSc thesis contract, the thesis assessment form or the rubric.