PhD Research

The Sociology of Development and Change Group is involved in the supervision of PhD research projects.

Below you can find an overview containing the PhD research projects in progress.

For an overview of the completed PhD research projects including dissertations, click here!

PhD Research in progress

PhD Title Expected Completion Supervisor(s) WUR
Abusada, A Agricultural Chain of Production Development Plan up to 2020 in Palestine JF Warner
Ahmed, F JF Warner
Alene, GD Development intervention mechanisms towards food security: the case of Ethiopian productive safety nets programme (PSNP) 2020 JWM van Dijk, JAB Duncan
Brandon, S Selling Extinction: The Politics of Cheetah Conservation in Namibia; the 'Cheetah Capital of the World' 2020 BE Büscher, Koot
Broekhaus, B Future Food: an Inventory and Analysis of the Socio-Cultural Context of New Food Innovations 2020 CN van der Weele, BE Büscher
Berg, L. van den 2019 GM Verschoor
Berget, C GM Verschoor
Chattrenond, O 2019 BE Büscher
Chikulo, S Qualitative analysis of people and food movement in a spontaneous economy in Zimbabwe PGM Hebinck, JSC Wiskerke
Cortes Urquijo, FJ Solidarity economy as peacebuilding strategy in Colombia 2021 BE Büscher, GM Verschoor, G van der Haar
Ghimire, LKC Changing Gender Roles: Women, livelihoods and Post conflict Challenges in Nepal G van der Haar, DJM Hilhorst
Goris, M GM Verschoor
Hernando Arrese, MADP Let it Flow! Existing Beyond Water Grabbing and Energy Security Policy in Mapuche Territories of Los Andes, Southern Chile 2019 AMG Arce, JSC Wiskerke
Justin, PH Land and State-building in South Sudan 2021 JWM van Dijk
Karimasari, N Crisis Conservation: Saving Nature in Times and Spaces of Exception 2020 BE Büscher
Kiggell, TA Fragmented Forest: Crisis Conservation of the Mata Atlântica in Times of Austerity and the Anthropocene 2020 R Fletcher, RJ Coates, BE Büscher
Kingma, JT Pathways of change. The interplay between livelihoods, gender and policies in a Tanzania for the last 25 years 2019 PGM Hebinck, JWM van Dijk
Lopez Regalado, F Peasant Sociality and rural development Policies in Nayarit 2019 GM Verschoor, JWM van Dijk, AMG Arce
Montes, J The Socio-Economic Impacts of Ecotourism Development in Bhutan 2019 R Fletcher, BE Büscher
Moombe, KB Linking Community and National Forest Monitoring: Contributing to the formulation of a monitoring, reporting and verification system in Zambia 2019 PGM Hebinck, JWM van Dijk
Overbeek, F van Livelihood Practices within Hybrid Governance: Local Negotiations to the Threat of Land Scarcity in Expanding Urban Areas of Bukavu JWM van Dijk, P Tamas
Pandya, R Green economics of Tiger Reserves in India 2021 BE Büscher, R Fletcher
Reyna Jiménez, OF Transnational Extractivism and Social Change in Wirikuta Sacred Natural Site AMG Arce, JSC Wiskerke
Ruttenberg, T Decolonizing Sustainable Surf Tourism 2022 BE Büscher, R Fletcher
Santos Valencia, SVdF The Multi-Dimensional tolerance threshold as social vulnerability indicator to Water Scarcity and Drought - The Ecuadorian Water Governance case on Transboundary Mira River Basin 2022 JWM van Dijk, JF Warner
Shrestha, A Peri-urban Water Security and Climate Change: Exploring Conflict and Cooperation 2019 D Roth, JWM van Dijk
Silva, S da Planners, community leaders and participation; An in-depth comparative theorization of slum politics in Recife, Brazil 2021 BE Büscher, PA de Vries
Smidt, E BE Büscher
Thakholi, L Investigating the consequences of green violence on property and labour in the wildlife economy in the Kruger to Canyons Region, South Africa 2020 BE Büscher
Tripathy, B Climate migration and development: Impact of social remittances on coastal communities in Bangladesh 2021 JWM van Dijk, JF Warner
Trogisch, L Gorilla tracking for peace? Dynamics of tourism, peace and violence around the Virunga Conservation Area 2021 BE Büscher, R Fletcher, PA de Vries, L de Vries
Vasconcellos Fernandez, NA Food sovereignth in Ecuador AMG Arce, JSC Wiskerke
Wiegel, H Climate adaption-induced mobility as 'secondary environmental migration' - experiences from Indonesia and the USA 2022 JF Warner
Yevoo, LLY Decision-making: Frontline Providers of Maternal and Newborn Care and Clients JWM van Dijk