Completed PhD projects

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Completed PhD projects 2009-present

Listed in reverse chronological order:

  1. Díaz Copado, F.V. (Vladimir), 2013-10-17
    Shaping multiple Ajijics and development: a Mexican town in the context of the international retirement migration
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 221 pp.
    Supervisor: prof.dr. L.E. Visser
    Co-supervisor: dr. A.M.G. Arce

  2. Yang, H. (Huan), 2013-09-02
    Farmer cooperatives as intermediaries for agricultural and rural development in China

    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 191 pp.
    Supervisors: C. Leeuwis (WU-KTI), prof.dr. L.E. Visser
    Co-supervisor: dr. Y. Song

  3. Ayete-Nyampong, L. (Lilian), 2013-05-23
    Entangled realities and the underlife of a total institution: an ethnography of correctional centres for juvenile and young offenders in Accra, Ghana
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 209 pp.
    Supervisor: prof.dr. L.E. Visser
    Co-supervisor: dr. R.A. Gigengack

  4. Nizami, A. (Arjumand), 2013-01-21
    Forest fights in Hariput, Northwest Pakistan
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 257 pp.
    Supervisor: prof.dr. L.E. Visser
    Co-supervisor: dr. P.G.M. Hebinck

  5. Westendorp, A.B. (Annemarie), 2012-11-20
    The contribution of farmer field schools to rural development in Nepal
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 279 pp.
    Supervisor: prof.dr. L.E. Visser

  6. Vries, L.A. (Lotje) de, 2012-11-07
    Facing frontiers: everyday practice of state-building in South Sudan
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 225 pp.
    Supervisor: J.W.M. van Dijk
    Co-supervisor: dr. T. Raeymaekers

  7. Gunawan, B.I. (Bambang), 2012-10-02
    Shrimp fisheries and aquaculture: making a living in the coastal frontier of Berau, Indonesia
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 233 pp.
    Supervisors: prof.dr. L.E. Visser, prof.dr. A.S. Sidik

  8. Siyoum, A.D. (Aschale Dagnachew), 2012-09-17
    Broken promises: food security interventions and rural livelihoods in Ethiopia
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 160 pp.
    Supervisor: D. Hilhorst
    Co-supervisors: dr. A. Pankhurst, J.G. van Uffelen

  9. Bose, P. (Purabi), 2012-05-29
    Forest rights: the micro-politics of decentralisation and forest tenure reform in tribal India
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 185 pp.
    Supervisors: prof.dr. B.J.M. Arts, J.W.M. van Dijk

  10. Heijmans, A. (Annelies), 2012-05-08
    Risky encounters: institutions and interventions in response to recurrent disasters and conflict
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 308 pp.
    Supervisor: D. Hilhorst

  11. Matus Ruiz, M. (Maximino), 2012-05-02
    Affective foodscapes in an economy of passion: repetition, opposition and adaptation in Mexican restaurants in Amsterdam, Madrid and San Francisco
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 274 pp.
    Supervisor: prof.dr. L.E. Visser
    Co-supervisors: G.M. Verschoor, dr. K. Lindström

  12. Tran Thi Phung, H. (Ha), 2012-04-27
    Resilience and livelihood dynamics of shrimp farmers and fishers in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 200 pp.
    Supervisors: prof.dr. L.E. Visser, J.W.M. van Dijk
    Co-supervisor: dr. L. XuanSinh

  13. Serrano, M. (Maliana), 2012-01-30
    Strengthening institutions or institutionalising weaknesses? : interactions between aid and institutions in Huíla Province, Angola
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 310 pp.
    Supervisor: D. Hilhorst

  14. Camacho Villa, T.C. (Carolina), 2011-12-15
    Making milpa, making life in La Mera Selva: a testimony of how Tzeltal peasants perform maize cultivation practices in the Lacandon Jungle, Mexico
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 232 pp.
    Supervisor: prof.dr. L.E. Visser
    Co-supervisors: G.M. Verschoor, C.J.M. Almekinders

  15. Gastel, J.N. (Jilles) van, 2011-12-14
    The purification of aid: an ethnography of Dutch partnership policy and (broken) dreams of development
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 151 pp.
    Supervisor: prof.dr. L.E. Visser
    Co-supervisor: M.C.M. Nuijten

  16. Laguna, P. (Pablo), 2011-12-07
    Mallas y flujos: acción colectiva, cambio social, quinua y desarrollo regional indígena en los Andes Bolivianos
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 522 pp.
    Supervisor: prof.dr. L.E. Visser
    Co-supervisor: dr. A.M.G. Arce

  17. Gartaula, H.N. (Hom), 2011-12-06
    The other side of migration in rural Nepal: sociocultural transformation and the women left behind
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 177 pp.
    Supervisors: prof.dr. A. Niehof (WU-SCH), prof.dr. L.E. Visser

  18. Dijkhorst, H. (Hilde) van, 2011-12-06
    Rural realities between crisis and normality: livelihood strategies in Angola, 1975-2008
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 226 pp.
    Supervisor: D. Hilhorst

  19. Franky Calvo, C.E. (Carlos), 2011-11-21
    'Acompañarnos contentos con la familia': unidad, diferencia y conflicto entre los Nükak (Amazonia colombiana)
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 283 pp.
    Supervisor: G.E. Frerks
    Co-supervisors: G.M. Verschoor, P.A. de Vries

  20. Curiel, C. (Charlynne), 2011-10-17
    "En momentos difíciles nosotros somos un pueblo": Haciendo política en la mixteca de Oaxaca: un estudio sobre el ritual, la pasión y el poder
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 281 pp.
    Supervisor: G.E. Frerks
    Co-supervisors: M.C.M. Nuijten, P.A. de Vries

  21. Bizoza, A.R. (Alfred), 2011-06-08
    Farmers, institutions and land conservation: institutional economic analysis of bench terraces in the highlands of Rwanda
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 123 pp.
    Supervisor: E.H. Bulte (WU-DEC)
    Co-supervisor: dr. P.G.M. Hebinck

  22. Jansen, B.J. (Bram), 2011-04-27
    The accidental city: violence, economy and humanitarianism in Kakuma refugee camp Kenya
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 273 pp.
    Supervisor: D. Hilhorst

  23. Artur, L. (Luís), 2011-04-12
    Continuities in crisis: everyday practices of disaster response and climate change adaptation in Mozambique
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 251 pp.
    Supervisor: D. Hilhorst

  24. Rodríguez Cabrera, V. (Verónica), 2011-01-10
    Behind the Scene: the enactments of human sexuality in Tehuantepec, Mexico
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 324 pp.
    Supervisor: prof.dr. L.E. Visser
    Co-supervisor: G.M. Verschoor

  25. Viteri, M.L. (María Laura), 2010-12-08
    Fresh fruit and vegetables: a world of multiple interactions : the case of the Buenos Aires Central Wholesale Market (BACWM)
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 265 pp.
    Supervisor: J.S.C. Wiskerke (WU-RSO)
    Co-supervisor: dr. A.M.G. Arce

  26. Paredes, M. (Myriam), 2010-12-06
    Peasants, potatoes and pesticides: heterogeneity in the context of agricultural modernization in the Highland Andes of Ecuador
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 322 pp.
    Supervisor: J.D. van der Ploeg (WU-RSO)
    Co-supervisors: dr. P.G.M. Hebinck, dr. D.C. Cole

  27. Maiga, M. (Mariame), 2010-10-14
    Gender, AIDS and food security: culture and vulnerability in rural Côte d'Ivoire
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 199 pp.
    Supervisors: prof.dr. L.E. Visser, prof.dr. A. Niehof (WU-SCH)

  28. Katani, J.Z. (Josiah), 2010-10-12
    The role of multiple institutions in the management of micro spring forests in Ukerewe, Tanzania
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 202 pp.
    Supervisor: prof.dr. L.E. Visser
    Co-supervisors: K.F. Wiersum, prof.dr. G.C. Kajembe

  29. Hurtado Paz y Paz, M. (Margarita), 2010-06-10
    Petén: ¿la última frontera? : la construcción social de una región
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 303 pp.
    Supervisor: J.D. van der Ploeg (WU-RSO)
    Co-supervisor: dr. A.M.G. Arce

  30. Gaasbeek, T. (Timmo), 2010-05-26
    Bridging troubled waters? : everyday inter-ethnic interaction in a context of violent conflict in Kottiyar Pattu, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 370 pp.
    Supervisor: G.E. Frerks
    Co-supervisor: prof.dr. L.F. Vincent

  31. Nori, M. (Michele), 2010-02-12
    Milking drylands: gender networks, pastoral markets and food security in stateless Somalia
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 230 pp.
    Supervisor: J.D. van der Ploeg (WU-RSO)
    Co-supervisor: dr. P.G.M. Hebinck

  32. Blanco Wells, G.E. (Gustavo), 2009-10-27
    The social life of regions: salmon farming and the regionalization of development in Chilean Patagonia
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 319 pp.
    Supervisor: prof.dr. L.E. Visser
    Co-supervisor: dr. A.M.G. Arce

  33. Gilvonio Pérez, J.M. (José), 2009-09-28
    Construccioń social de comuninad y migración internacional en Usibamba: un estudio sobre el impacto de los procesos de globalización en los Andes centrales del Perú
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 239 pp.
    Supervisor: J.D. van der Ploeg (WU-RSO)
    Co-supervisor: P.A. de Vries

  34. Moreyra, A. (Alejandra), 2009-06-03
    Multiple territories in dispute: water policies, participation and Mapuce indigenous rights in Patagonia, Argentina
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 218 pp.
    Supervisors: prof.dr. L.F. Vincent, prof.dr. N.E. Long

  35. Koster, M. (Martijn), 2009-03-06
    In fear of abandonment: slum life, community leaders and politics in Recife, Brazil
    Wageningen: Wageningen University, 356 pp.
    Supervisor: prof.dr. T. Blom Hansen
    Co-supervisors: M.C.M. Nuijten, P.A. de Vries