Capacity building to improve effectiveness of Malaysia's inspection and monitoring system for aquaculture and fishery products

The short term objective is to increase knowledge and skills of Ministry of Health (MoH) and Department of Fisheries (DoF) as EU-accredited competent authority (CA) .

Objectives of the project

The long term objective is to have a national body that provides good governance, effective control over the entire production chain from farm to table, with the ultimate goal to help build a credible inspection and monitoring system that can guarantee safe quality products.


It was envisaged to organise 2 training courses in 2012 in support of the accreditation of national laboratories accredited under ISO 17025. However due to the delay in the renovation and modification of the laboratory where the training courses were to be conducted in 2012, the shortage of staff and limitation in the budget, the Malaysian government was unable to proceed with the training this year as planned. It was agreed with the Netherlands government that the training courses will be implemented at the start of 2013.