Food Safety Fish Indonesia

Reduction of import and export of unsafe fish products from and to the Indonesian islands.

Objectives of the project

The project will contribute towards the following long term goal: Import and export of unsafe fish products from and to other islands and foreign countries into Indonesia's islands have reduced. To achieve this goal many organizational alterations must be made.

In addition, a workshop will be organised to set the strategy and implementation of proficiency test between RI laboratories and RIKILT to enable exchange of analysis test results.


  • Mandate of FQIA related to food safety inspection and certification to clarify and formalize within the organisation and among other partners in country‚Äôs food safety system.
  • Organizational arrangements and facilities required to implement import/export food safety inspection and certification of fish products.
  • Modules to train and coach FQIA fish inspection staff in their new food safety inspection duties are developed, implemented and monitored.
  • Training of Trainers of two weeks each, as a basic setting, followed by 4 regional TOT's, resulting in training a total of 85 officials.
  • Report of Training of Trainers, will be submitted early 2013.