Food safety inspections and certifications for livestock products in Indonesia

Make export of livestock products to Indonisia easier.

Objectives of the project

The main objective is to ease the administrative and monitoring activities for export companies from e.g. EU. This will enable them to achieve easier country approval and establishment approval. Training of extra staff is necessary in order to allow market access of imported meat to Indonesia from EU.


  • Mandate of department of livestock related to food safety monitoring is clarified and formalized within the organisation and among other partners in country‚Äôs food safety system.
  • Organizational arrangements and facilities required to implement local market and import food safety monitoring and control of livestock products have been fulfilled.
  • A field mission for senior officials to acquaint themselves with veterinary system in The Netherlands.
  • Modules to train and coach department of livestock officials in their new food safety monitoring duties are developed, implemented and controlled.
  • Training workshop on specific activity of risk assessment in food safety and veterinary public health.