KD-2017-046 Actualisatie herstelstrategieën PAS

The Program Approach to Nitrogen (PAS) has started 1 July 2015. The first PAS period will last six years, followed by at least two periods of six years. Important part of the program is the realisation of restoration measures for nitrogen sensitive nature. These restoration measures are part of the scientifically based Restoration strategies. On basis of best available knowledge three types of measures are distinguished, rules of thumb, hypothetical measures or proven measures. For a well-founded PAS it is important to regularly update the Restoration strategies based on new scientific knowledge and best practices.

As a consequence of new knowledge gained by research and monitoring, the status of measures could improve. New restoration measures may be added as an approved Restoration strategy after having been reviewed by an international review commission. In this way the whole set of restoration measures for realisation of the PAS within the framework of Natura 2000 is further improved.