Fish Ageing

Age reading for fish is an expertise that requires maintenance and (international) calibration. The WOT-projects in which age determinations are carried out do not fund the maintenance and calibration of the knowledge.

Therefore KB-WOT funding is required. Aim of this project is the calibration of age reading for fish.

The following three activities are essential for maintenance of the expertise fish ageing:

  • International calibration by participation in international exchanges of otolith sets and comparison of age readings and workshops. 
  • Training of new age readers. 
  • Development and implementation of (inter)national QA procedures.  

Results are:

  • ICES reports of exchanges and workshops to be held in 2012 (brill exchange, turbot exchange, sprat exchange, horse mackerel workshop and exchange). 
  • Update and elaboration of IMARES manuals on procedures and quality control.