Fresh on Demand

Consumers demand tasty, healthy and food-safe products sourced from a sustainable supply chain. In order to promote consumption, it is necessary to continually optimise fruit and vegetable chains. We are constantly striving for a sustainable supply chain and guaranteed product safety, while also guaranteeing product quality. Further chain integration and greater insight into the intrinsic chain quality is needed to deliver consistently high quality all year round, as well as limit losses in the chain. How can chain links best respond to current consumer wishes and requirements, and thus deliver ‘Fresh on Demand’?

These developments create contradictions between quality preservation, food safety and sustainability measures. A good balance must be found between optimum quality, taste and risk of product loss due to safety and sustainability requirements. The aim of this project is to optimally attune fresh produce chains to consumer needs, taking into account food safety and sustainability requirements. In this way, the project contributes to the desired increase in fruit and vegetable consumption.

Smart chain concept

The participants in this project are working on:
• the development of knowledge on physiological quality
• measurement and detection methods for a wide range of quality issues (from spoilage to taste)
• smart, targeted use of quality information and other information from the chain
• tools to meet current and future food safety and sustainability needs

Improving intrinsic quality control: the smart chain concept is the starting point. Participants share this knowledge and these tools on a knowledge platform, so that after the end of the project, other companies can also be informed about the knowledge gained.

Seven sub-projects

The Fresh on Demand project consists of the following sub-projects:

  1. Biomarkers for quality
  2. Taste and non-destructive measurements
  3. Intermodal transport of perishables by rail
  4. Optimising the tropical fruits chain quality
  5. Firm, tasty blueberries
  6. Food safety of sliced fruit and vegetables
  7. Development of a dynamic packaging concept