MDD-Healthcheck (InvT.)

Citizens and companies prefer sustainable, green and healthy urban environments. Among others, as green settings are a good response on health challenges like obesitas and heat stress. The underlying mechanism is that urban green, located in the right spot and maintained in the right manner, is able to diminish mental and physical health issues in an effective way.

Science shows that – based upon different mechanisms – urban green contributes to a healthy living and working environment. This scientific knowledge however is so far not accessible and applicable in urban (re)development. In the Groene Health Check project public and private partners collaborate in developing a tool that enables urban development professionals and urban stakeholders to make better-informed decision in health-promoting urban green design. The tool provides an overview of nature-based measures, and shows the effect on different health aspects as tool users introduce the measures to their plan area. By doing so, users can quickly explore which urban green options are most (cost)effective.