Structurele vereenvoudigingen, aanbevelingen foutpercentage POP

POP3 contains subsidies that are opened up to the public by the provinces. The provinces asses and decides on the applications. In this project, the subsidies that have been made open for applicants are assessed by the Wageningen Economic Research (the previous LEI) and discussed with the stakeholders, including the provinces and the directing agency POP in a workshop. The challenge around the opening decisions is that all provinces have different requirements and different keys.

Key findings include:
lot of work done by provinces, Managing Office and EZ: working group (s), expert sessions, documents;
Much is already SMART - but also a lot of goals and details: creates many measurement problems and it all appear objective without being objective).
Sometimes many requirements, other times none: arbitrary judgements
Often referring to policy: refer instead to the main purpose (s) for the opening (concrete);
National uniformity: more explanatory and easier to communicate: less errors and costs; and comparable
Question: Will it all look much different with less details?