Activity 3 and 4 - In country courses potato DPRK

Activity 3 and 4 are in-country courses situated in either the lowlands or the highlands of the DPRK.

Activity 3 - In country course potato lowlands DPRK

In May 2011 (estimated Month 17), an in-country course will be organised in the lowlands of DPRK, in the double cropping area. Together with the DPRK staff that attended the Potato Course in the Netherlands in 2010 the course will be implemented. The target group for this course is technical staff of AAS, MoA including production managers of seed multiplication farms.  The course will emphasize field management and post-harvest practices related to healthy seed potato production.

Activity 4 - In country course potato highlands DPRK

In 2012 an in-country course will be organised in the highlands of DPRK.
The set up and purpose of the course will be similar to the one organised in 2011.