Smart and high quality food processing

High quality smart food handling, processing and preparation is achieved with automated, data-driven food production and preparation. Aligned to the individual needs of customers and consumers, Wageningen University & Research contributes to accomplishing predictable, reliable, high quality food production based on facts.

Optimization of the production chain

The use of robots for repetitive tasks under harsh conditions - high or low temperatures and humidity, for example - together with flexible, automated handling, processing, sorting and packing, improves the optimization of the food production chain (cost, quality, losses and delivery).

We offer you:

Research, advice, hardware/software prototype development and software functionality design with expert knowledge on:

  • Computer vision & 3D product reconstruction
  • Agro Food Robotics
  • Food informatics (data science and artificial intelligence)
  • Packaging technology and materials
  • 3D food printing
  • Quality preservation & food processing technology
  • Supply chain management solutions
  • Consumer needs and behaviour

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