Technology for objective quality control

Wageningen University & Research is a world leader in objective quality control of fruits, vegetables, animals and crops. We give breeders, growers, food processors, merchants and retailers detailed insight into the internal and external quality of products throughout the fresh or cooled chain. Combining many years of knowledge and expertise in post-harvest, robotics and sensor technologies, as well as fresh produce and supply chains, we develop objective systems for fast and reliable quality assessment and quality prediction – tailor-made, non-invasive and enabling automation.

Reducing time and costs on quality control

Via this novel field of expertise – also known as quality phenomics – we help companies reduce the time spent on quality control and obtain the best-possible price for their products, while preventing costly recalls. Connecting fundamental and applied research we ensure that our solutions are innovative and creative, and strengthen the market position of chain partners.

We offer you:

Research, advice, prototype development and software functionality design with expert knowledge on:

  • Computer vision & 3D product reconstruction
  • Pre- and postharvest physiology
  • Food informatics (data science)
  • Supply chain management
  • Agro Food Robotics

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