Course in Spain, February 2012

“Euphoros - Efficient use of inputs in protected horticulture”

One of the objectives of the Euphoros project was to transfer knowledge and technological developments made during the implementation through dissemination and training activities, such as workshops and technical seminars nationally and internationally. Therefor Cajamar Foundation and IFAPA La Mojonera organized a dissemination course of the project results which was held in Almeria in the facilities of both institutions. The course was aimed for PhD and master's specialization students in protected agriculture, research staff, technicians and professionals of the food industry.

This project aims to develop a production system for greenhouse horticulture that is:

  • sustainable,
  • which virtually eliminates the need for fossil fuels and the release of water and fertilizers to the environment,
  • minimizes the carbon footprint andallows recycling of substrates and
  • reduces the use of plant protection chemicals, and
  • maintains high productivity and efficient use of resources.

The course included the most significant developments achieved in the areas of work covered in the project:

  • economic and environmental evaluation of greenhouse system,
  • efficiency of energy use in closed cycles of water,
  • fertilizers and substrates,
  • reduction in the use of pesticides,
  • integration and evaluation of the various tools developed.

Classes were provided by expert researchers responsible for each of the working groups involved in the Euphoros project.


The proceedings of the course contain the following papers in English as well as in Spanish:

  • Juan C. López, Esteban Baeza, Juan I. Montero: New developments in plastics cladding materials for greenhouse
  • Nieves García: Euphoros developments applicable for rose cultivation (the netherlands) Esteban Baeza, Juan I. Montero: Energy and ventilation
  • Cecilia Stanghellini: Fertilization with pure carbon dioxide in unheated, ventilated greenhouses
  • Alberto Pardossi, Luca Incrocci: Closed systems for soilless culture
  • Assumpció Antón Vallejo, M. Torrellas Iglesias, M. Ruijs, Juan I. Montero Camacho: Life cycle and economic analyses of greenhouse systems
  • Juan C. López, Esteban Baeza, Juan I. Montero: Nuevos desarrollos en materiales plásticos de cubierta para invernaderos
  • Nieves García: Desarrollos del proyecto para invernaderos de cristal con cultivo de rosas
  • Esteban Baeza, Juan I. Montero: Energia y ventilacion
  • Cecilia Stanghellini: Enriquecimiento y manejo de co2 en invernadero
  • Alberto Pardossi, Luca Incrocci: Sistemas cerrados en cultivo hidropónico
  • Assumpció Antón Vallejo, M. Torrellas Iglesias, M. Ruijs, Juan I. Montero Camacho: Análisis de ciclo de vida y económico de sistemas de invernadero