Szentes, Hungary, 28th June 2011

The one-day workshop was organised by the Szent István University in Szentes, capital of the most important greenhouse production area of Hungary. Presentations of the workshop were carried out in the headquarter of the Árpád Agrár share company, which is the biggest company of the Hungarian greenhouse sector. The programme consisted of six presentations and a visit to the new Dutch-type glasshouse of the Árpád Agrár share company. The workshop was attended by 88 people, mainly local growers and experts, company representatives, university staff members and students.

The following presentations were given:

Short introduction of the Euphoros consortium

Attila Ombódi – Szent István University

Main objectives, goals, list of the consortium members and the Hungarian connections of the Euphoros project were presented.

Soilless culture in Dutch greenhouse tomato production: history, economics and current issues

Economic prospects of input reducing innovations in greenhouse production

Marc Ruijs, University of Wageningen

History and present situation of the Dutch greenhouse industry, state and importance of the European and Dutch greenhouse tomato production, cost structure of the Dutch tomato cultivation systems were analysed. The European Water Framework Directive and the Dutch regulations and targets were shortly described. Technique, advantages, constraints and economic considerations of recirculating soilless cultivation were detailed.

Greenhouse industry in Italy

Recirculating soilless culture system, how and why

Dr. Alberto Pardossi, University of Pisa

After a short description of the Italian greenhouse industry, the open and recirculating hydroponic systems were compared. Results of the recirculating soilless cultivation experiments conducted in the framework of the Euphoros project were detailed with special reference to ion accumulation, fertigation strategies and boron toxicity. Evaluation of quick tests for monitoring nutrient solution and description of a decision support system for fertigation were also presented.

Chemistry of nutrient solution

Use of nutrient solution calculator

Dr. Luca Incrocci, University of Pisa

After a brief introduction to the chemistry of the nutrient solutions of the soilless growing systems, the Nutrient Solution Calculator excel sheet (developed in the framework of the Euphoros project) was presented to the audience. Structure and use of the software were shown step by step using local irrigation water and nutrient solution data.