Feed4Foodure is a public-private partnership between the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and a consortium of various organizations within animal feed industry and the animal production chain. The research programme aims to contribute to sustainable and healthy livestock farming in the Netherlands, simultaneously strengthening our competitive position on the global market.

The research programme comprises three main research lines:

More-with-less by efficient nutrient use

The aim of the research line “More with Less” is to reduce the footprint of the Dutch livestock sector in the field of phosphate, nitrate, copper, zinc, ammonia and greenhouse gases. New nutritional models and measurement techniques will help to improve efficient use of nutrients in livestock farming.

Socially responsible livestock farming

The research line “Socially responsible livestock farming” explores nutritional interventions that contribute to socially responsible livestock farming in a broad context. For example, the effect of diet on behaviour and welfare of animals is explored, but also alternative protein sources to replace soybean imports are listed.

Nutrition, gut health and immunity

Focus of the research line “Nutrition, gut health and immunity” is to reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock farming by increasing general health and disease resistance. The main goals are to develop innovative measurement techniques and to test new health-promoting nutritional additives in the field of gut health and immunity.


Feed4Foodure organizes monthly seminars for people working in feed industry, for the government or within research institutions. These meetings are organized to report current developments within the project and discuss specific Feed4Foodure topics.

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