Post programme projects

One of the main objectives of the INREF programme is to produce research results that really make a difference for the end-users envisaged (universities, researchers, policy makers, NGOs, farmers, etc.).

The core of the INREF programmes are a number of integrated PhD projects to tackle a complex societal development related issue. The main outputs of the programmes are dominantly capacity building and scientific owledge shared with mainly the scientific community through publication of peer reviewed scientific papers, PhD thesis, and in some cases end of the programme books integrating the results of the individual PhD projects. Due to the fact that the INREF programme is set up as a scientific research programme involving PhD candidates, time is often lacking to translate the newly developed scientific knowledge into more tangible outcomes to be used by potential end-users.

To comply with the objective of the INREF programme to conduct science for impact, the INREF programme has created the post-programme facility. This facility will provide funding for activities that will help to translate the outputs into applications. The activities should aim at translating or testing the scientific results of the PhD research into more practical and applicable outcomes for end-users (e.g. farmers, farmers organisations, Universities, research institutes, NGOs, policy makers).