Seed Money projects

In addition to the multi-annual research programmes, the INREF provides a Seed money facility allowing the development of new ideas and initiatives. For seed-money projects, annual calls are foreseen.

The following criteria for seed money proposals evaluation are used:

  • The scientific quality of the objectives and expected follow-up activities, reflecting the general objectives of the INREF programme.
  • The relevance of the proposed project for one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • The expected outputs and follow-up activities and development oriented focus of the proposed project
  • Contribution to partnership building in developing countries or emerging economies.
  • Contribution to interdisciplinary research
  • Planning of the proposed project feasibility to finish within one year after approval,
  • The extent to which the proposal results in new partnerships and networks for interdisciplinary research and new project proposals to be submitted to other donors; seed money is an investment in new activities.