Opening of the Academic Year

Wageningen University & Research annually celebrates the Opening of the Academic Year in style. Renowned scientists, artists, writers or opinion leaders share their views on current topics related to food, health and the environment. Traditionally, also young Wageningen scientists reflect on the theme. This is a public event.

  • Drone
  • Market
  • Food robotics

3 September 2018: 100th Opening Academic Year

Wageningen University & Research first opened its Academic Year 100 years ago. We have been guided by
wisdom and wonder: wisdom to use our creativity for the greater good of mankind, and wonder to educate
our students to be responsible stewards of the planet. Our centennial is marked by a variety of year-long
celebrations, commemorating our impact and growth as well as preparing for our next century.

The future demands sustainable, safe, affordable and healthy food for all and at the same time a bio-circular
economy with agriculture as a key provider of biomass. We cannot do this alone. Such a challenge surpasses
nations, disciplines and cultures, requiring integrated, global solutions that are locally relevant.

Food and Agriculture: Europe and the World

Our opening ceremony is dedicated to the theme of Food and Agriculture: Europe and the World.

Key-note speakers Mark Rutte, Dutch Prime-Minister, and Phil Hogan, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and
Rural Development, will address the role of the Netherlands and Europe. In addition, two young scientists of Wageningen University & Research will reflect on the theme.

Programme Opening Academic Year '18/'19
14:30 Welcoming reception
15:30 Prof.dr ir. Louise O. Fresco - President of Wageningen University & Research
Drs Mark Rutte - Prime Minister of the Netherlands
Phil Hogan, BA - European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development
Two young scientists - Wageningen University & Research
Marina van Damme award
Prof.dr ir. Arthur P.J. Mol - Rector Magnificus of Wageningen University
17:10 Reception

Location: Wageningen Campus, Orion building, Bronland 1, 6708 WH Wageningen