Econet is an educational game that gives the player insights into the ecological principles and processes crucial for designing effective ecological networks. It’s intended for regional and local actors, representatives of regional and local organisations and landscape designers involved in the process of devising area plans having nature conservation as one of their aims.

The computer game lasts about an hour. Using several game levels, you practise making a diagnosis of a landscape (is an ecological network sustainable for a particular species?) and can play with strategies for improving the landscape. You can design solutions for a given landscape, and at the touch of a button can check out their sustainability or compare different solutions.

Econet is currently being developed and should be available in the summer of 2007. A beta version with the first two game levels is already available.

Added value for the customer:

This game improves the ability of planners and actors to choose attainable nature conservation targets and translate them during the planning process into spatial scenarios that are sustainable for nature conservation. It is expected that this will result in landuse plans which, when implemented, better achieve the nature conservation targets.


Econet. Educational game on ecological networks. An educational game about ecological networks in greenspace, for actors involved in area-oriented interactive planning for nature. Eveliene Steingröver, Sabine van Rooij, Paul Opdam, Hans Baveco & Rik Olde Loohuis, 2005, special edition.

You can download the game, version 1.1.