Robust Corridors Handbook


The handbook is intended to help when designing ecologically functional Provincial and Robust Corridors in the Netherlands. It comes with the TOVER Cd-rom, so that a sketch of a corridor can be developed interactively.

In the National Spatial Strategy of the Netherlands it is stated that the NEN (National Ecological Network) must be reinforced with Robust Corridors that are shown schematically on a map of the Netherlands. The provinces are responsible for planning and implementing these Robust Corridors and for installing provincial corridors. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality commissioned Green World Research (Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra)) to compile the handbook, which describes the spatial requirements of an ecologically functioning corridor for many animal and plant species. The handbook also distinguishes between a number of “ambition levels”. Using the chosen nature conservation targets and ambition levels, a sketch of a corridor can be made. The handbook also contains the specifics of designing ecological corridors (ways of crossing over infrastructure, opportunities for using corridors for multiple functions), plus visualisations and examples intended to inspire readers.

Added value for the customer:  

Spatial planners and ecologists can use the handbook and Cd-rom to design ecologically functional corridors and compare different options. This enables nature conservation targets to be achieved for ecological corridors at provincial level and for the entire country.